Slippery but fun



Found my top anchor that makes SRT efficient and safe (Thanks Boel!). Old posts about pinto pulley top anchor to be found here.

Everyone loves to climb a gum tree (also known as Eucalyptus). They origins from Australia (where thousands of varies are growing, only hundreds has escaped the borders).




Rainy day in a no-friction tree. Too easy is not fun anyway.


Extremely slippery when wet. Fagus sylvatica is nothing compared to this lack of friction. A dry day it’s heaven, big soft forks everywhere, spreaded crown to swing around in.

It’s also quite nice wood to work with. As in this fell over a solar panel.

Fun facts

How windy is Wellington really? Well windy enough to blister off the buds on the wind side, making it hard to give the tree an even thin. Also you always have to keep the strong winds in mind when you prune, a lonly branch easily breaks.



Guess which the wind-side is.






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