Walnut thin

When it comes to prunes I would like to say less is more. I rather spend some extra time to climb to the tip of the branch then take to much off. But often the clients are pushing for more to come off. I don’t know how many times I have said the word watershoots, or dieback. But I can’t let go of the thought that nature knows better what it does then I do. Trees been around for a while, humans, not so long.

Ok less talk, more action. I did this walnut thin and reduction today. I think it might would have been better to chose between either thin or crown clean. Would be intereting to see the reaction to this prune.

walnut bef

  Walnut before and after thin and reduction 

valnut aft

There where also a prune of a maple, kind of same thing. (Did that one with my colluege that is a bit, more is more.) Shape got a bit more rounded after all.




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