New trees New Zealand

Arrived in Auckland on Friday night. Today I been at Waiheke island, where i meet a carpenter and woodartist who teached some facts about local trees. (Thanks Jeff!) 

Most trees has Maori names. Pictures above show a Pohutukawa tree. This has extraordinary strong wood, thanks to wood fibers growing in a wave pattern. I would guess it’s even stronger then oak. 

Another amazing tree is kauri, witch I haven’t been lucky to see yet. Sadly it’s treathend by a die back disease, maybe similar to ash die back? I will look into it. And get a tree dictionary!

New Zealand has been isolated for long and lots of the naitive life lack resistance from spieces comeing in from abroad.


The comp

20-21 may the swedish isa chapter was held in Uppsala. Out of four women, all With longer experience and more comps done then me, I was the thired in workclimb and rescue.

Between the masters, Veronika and Boel

Thought it was a pretty neat rescue plan, rope wrench srt up, with new system and rope for the casulty on my back. I got time to throw the rope down and secure my harness to Dolly. 

Then time was up. To much fiddling around when I reached Dolly. Have to keep my mind clearer next time, and practise as well.

Thanks Robin for the pictures and everyone for support.

Any thoughts of how to get a smoother footlock is welcome. (I want to do clicker training.)

Felling tricks

During the ¬†leafing we do less pruning and more fells. So I learned some new things. Above you see the “safety belt method”, useful¬†when you don’t want the stem to jump and bounce on the ground. (This birch was standing next to a house.)


This way we could lower the branches away from a step hill. In the tree beside the one we are working on I put a rigging anchor and the line goes over to the tree that’s being felled. The climber put a sling around the branch and a carabiner that’s hooked to a pulley. The pulley sits on the line and make it run to the middle of the line.

Also made a nice ground fell the other day, heavy leaning pine over road. Made it go the other way with 3-1 system, stalp and a wedge. Better safe than sorry and it came down super smooth. (No camera that day.)