First job since arriving in Wellington. Climbing a redwood to remove a broken branch.


Sequoias has surprisingly badly attached branches, often downwards leaning. You have to attach close to the trunk and not too thin.

Thanks Craig for the pictures!


Climbing the walls 

During the three weeks I worked in Christchurch this was definitely one of the most unexpected days.

We often worked in Hagly park and neighbouring botanical gardens, so it wasen’t such a long step into the greenhouse.


This day I started by cutting an unbelievable clingy and thorny Bougainvillea (pink flowered) in the greenhouse. I needed to hack it away from the construction to be able to anchor into it. This plant also grow wild in north New Zealand.

Next tree was a Ficus (albert-smithii) with very delicate branches, not possible to stand on or pull. Therefore I was hanging in the air above it and very carefully cutting the tips. A common problem in greenhouses is the limited space.


Thanks to Devon and Lee for nice days in Christchurch!