Checked through my phone and found some trees to post. Nice to do a quite easy fell but still not too small. I┬áhave been thinking a bit about safe ways to knock logs off since I saw a guy get his hand hit because a log bounced. I always do a small “aiming cut” at my step cuts on big logs.

Always happy when I can change a “full crown reduction” to a thin. Better for the tree and the customer will get more light in a long-term perspective. (Swedes cares a lot about light.) This was a perfect climb for single/stationary line. Just a redirect in the top of the smaller tree to do both at once.

FullSizeRender (41)

Talking about single line climbing, science I learned that it’s not approved to use the pinto pulley as a top anchor (it get jammed against the stem/branch) I tried to find a way to avoid that. Putting the pinto in a butterfly knot helps a little, but still not good enough. 26-28 February there is a

26-28 February there is a womens arbcamp in Denmark, and I will hold a workshop about rescue and safety on single rope. I make a post after and tell you how it went.


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This Bird-cherry was higher on the sides when I started and had quite messy lower branches. I had to take quite a lot of, especially the lower parts. Hope the tree develop a nice top in the middle.