Aiming practice

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Interesting site last week. The sign on the red box in the background says “Danger to life AC 230/400 volt”

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And then there was this pipe, with 30 bar pressure, curling over the whole site.

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I’m happy that I’m good at aiming. (When we got the full picture of how many safety hazards that were around we left this site.)



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Today we carefully smashed down loads of trees. It’s quite hard to capture the method as with before – after pictures of prunes. ¬†On this aspen I just removed the branches and top, then it’s safe to ground fell with a rigging rope around the top.

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The other one that got stuck on a picture where left as a high stump, to keep some life in the garden (bugs, birds and everything that enjoys dead wood). Quite fun felling the top, easy to take big bits.

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The customer referred to this as a piece of art.

Singel rope – and things I forgot to tell you



I haven’t updated the blog in a while and I will blame the singel rope climbing thats been going on, witch has takeing my focus from photos and telling about daily work.

Instead of climbing the branches horizontal this technique allows you to use redirects and go vertical, almost on the outside of the crown.

Singel rope is quicker than doubblerope, because it’s always 1:1, you move along a standing line insted of draging a loop between yourself and the topanchor. The top anchor I use now is as the picture above. The black string is to pull the anchor down from the ground when the work is done.

I also use a floating kneeacender and a pantin, and I hook my hitchclimber to my neck by a small tool carbin. Above it is a ropewrench attaced. (pictures of this will come soon).

In this post i will also squeese in some pictures i actually took at work but did’nt post anything about. So, heres a mash-up.

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I like to fell several trees at the same time. Here is a spruce that im anchored in, jumped over to the pine and then back.

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From a small fell…

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…you can get…

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…great support. But. a tree balance best on it’s own. When we put up supports, bind them, they produce less counter weight/wood to hold themself.

We put some air between the stem and support, so if the stem sits down, it lands in the supportin log instred of falling all the way to the ground.

This is all for now, start working on thursday, hope to get something intreseting to document the weeks to come.

Sparetime in Tiveden


Tiveden is a national park in Sweden. Out side the protected area the forestry company Svea Skog harvest the forests. They use deforestation witch is harmful for the area in the long run.



Therefore we helped the residents living close to the place where the clear-cut is going to come about, to deliver a message.

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I, and some friends from arborist school, learned those activists to climb and how to make it as safe as possible, and it feels great that it has an outcome.

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