Lowering a suspended tree


This dead spruce had been caught on its bracing, connected to a nearby pine. The top was resting on a tiny oak. The client wished to keep the dead spruce in one piece on the ground as a beautiful nature installation.

Luckily, there was a bigger aspen (poplar) close to the spruce. I climbed up and put the rigging line around the spruce stem, and a pulley in the aspen. At the bottom of the aspen, my colleague could now winch the spruce up, realising some tension from the bracing line (black in the picture) and from the little oak.


When the spruce was held safely by our rigging line we could remove the oak from the top and then fell the stem.


Then the stem could be lowered, nice and slowly.


Cutting the old bracing out of the pine and we are done!


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