Treeverse and backside of nice view




Just a nice climb, five tree long “treeverse”. Only native tres, Ngaio and Pohutukawa.



This is my most common way of doing redirect. Quick to set up and strangles the rope, making it static towards the most recent anchor point.  Static redirects together with some slack in the line make sure that the branches aren’t pulled against each other sideways.  



This view. I think I have hundreds of pictures capturing “ocean and hills from treetop”.


Backside of a nice view

When you go far away and just stay a little while, how big are your rights to interfere with the soroundings there? Do we ever have the right to interfere with nature just to please our astetic minds? A lot of the clients on Wellington hills just want the limbs removed so they can see the sea.



A bad prune. We need to talk abot this – all arborists. We know better, still, this happens.



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