Felling tricks

During the  leafing we do less pruning and more fells. So I learned some new things. Above you see the “safety belt method”, useful when you don’t want the stem to jump and bounce on the ground. (This birch was standing next to a house.)


This way we could lower the branches away from a step hill. In the tree beside the one we are working on I put a rigging anchor and the line goes over to the tree that’s being felled. The climber put a sling around the branch and a carabiner that’s hooked to a pulley. The pulley sits on the line and make it run to the middle of the line.

Also made a nice ground fell the other day, heavy leaning pine over road. Made it go the other way with 3-1 system, stalp and a wedge. Better safe than sorry and it came down super smooth. (No camera that day.)


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